About Us:

A need to reconnect with one’s culture, language and heritage has necessitated many linguistic and cultural communities across the world to be established. Kannada Koota in New Zealand was thus formed in the year 1994 under the guidance, efforts and leadership of Dr. Mavina Krishna Vamanamurthy and Dr. Lingappa Kalburgi.

New Zealand Kannada Koota is an association of New Zealand residents hailing from the Kannada speaking state of Karnataka in India. Kannada Koota is an immigrant community organisation which strives to unite Kannadigas under one roof to promote the culture and languages of Karnataka state of India.

Koota facilities

Mission Statement:

The mission of our Koota is to promote, preserve and maintain the cultural and linguistic heritage of Karnataka, to foster the interests of Kannadigas, and to enrich the diverse cultural mosaic of New Zealand with the best of Indian traditions.

Vision and Objectives for the Koota

  • To keep alive and promote customs, traditions and culture of India and of Karnataka amongst the younger generation of Koota families.
  • To promote, foster and maintain the cultural and linguistic heritage and interest of people from Karnataka.
  • To provide interested people and organisations with information about the Karnataka people and culture.
  • To promote friendship and respect between members of the Koota and the people of New Zealand.
  • To liaise and cooperate with similar communities and societies in New Zealand and in India.
  • To help in the settling in of new immigrants from Karnataka.

Executive Committee Members:

Mrs. Kumuda Setty

President, NZKK

Mrs. Roopa Nagvekar

Secretary, NZKK

Mrs. Padmini (Pallavi) Somanath

Treasurer, NZKK

Commitee Members

  • Mr. Rahul Kadam Joint Secretary
  • Mrs. Harshitha Umesh
  • Mr. Prakash Bidaradar
  • Ms. Pooja Bharmappa
  • Mrs. Rashmi Kotin
  • Ms. Sushmitha Deshpande

Membership options and info:

Residents of Auckland and Hamilton:

$90 per annum for family membership

$45 per annum for individual membership

*No membership fees for international students

Residents of other parts of New Zealand: Please enquire by email: [email protected]

Bank Details to send your membership:

New Zealand Kannada Koota Inc.

ASB Bank A/C No.12-3048-0305974-00

*International students can contact secretary for terms and conditions around koota membership